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T2 Transit Declarations

The T2 transit declaration is similar to the T1 document as it is also a transit procedure. However, with the T2 document, you are able to ship European Union community goods not only within the EU, but you are also able to transport them through a third country.


With the T2 transit document, your shipment of goods will maintain the EU customs status. This means that if your shipment leaves the EU temporarily during the transport, you will not have to pay any import or export taxes or duties.


We are able to provide the T2 document which you will need as well as the export documents that go with them. This will allow your shipment to be declared in the country of its destination.

T2 vs. T2L

You may think that because you have the T2 document, you won’t need to get the T2L document, which is not the case.


The T2 is transit document which allows the actual shipment of your goods. On the other hand, the T2L is the declaration which proves the status of your goods and that they are considered European Union community goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions About T2 Transit Declarations

  • What are T2 export documents?

    The T2 document is transit document which is created for intra-community transit, for goods to have free movement within the EU.

  • How much do your transit document preparation services cost?

    Our document preparation services range in price depending on what paper work we are getting ready for you. To get a quote, please get in touch with us today by phone or email.