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Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd

Welcome to Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd

Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd. is a 100% Irish-owned entity and has been providing exceptional global freight services by road, sea and air for over 30 years.


Commencing trading in 1989, our company has roots in the old Irish semi-state shipping company, Irish Shipping, and has established itself as one of the largest independent Irish freight forwarders.


Our ability to continuously grow our client base has been driven by focusing on high standards and delivering complete logistics solutions that are backed up by professionalism and integrity.

Working in Collaboration with Irish Customs Agents & Irish Air Freight Logistics

AEO, which stands for Authorised Economic Operator, is a status that is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations throughout the European Union. At Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd, we are proud to have met all the standards necessary to be seen as an AEO accredited company.

The AEO status certifies that our company is a reliable operator, follows best practices in the international supply chain, and has met standards that relate to:

AEO: Authorised Economic Operator

  • Compliance with customs rules

  • Safety and security

  • Systems to manage commercial records

  • Standards of competency

  • Professional qualifications

  • Financial solvency

Since Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd is an AEOs accredited company, we see many benefits that in turn benefit all of our clients, such as:


  • We are recognized as a safe, secure and compliant business partner in international trade

  • If physical controls are conducted, we receive priority treatment

  • We have easier access to simplified procedures

  • Being AEO certified means our goods could move faster through third country borders

To discuss your freight transport needs with us, please contact us today