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Here at Irish Shipping & Transport Ltd, we use TRACES, which is the Trades Control and Expert System, for certification of all sanitary and phytosanitary products. These products would be any goods that have plant products, animal products, or food products.


TRACES is used by the whole of the European Union for controlling both the import and the export of animals and animal products, as well as food and plant products, within and coming into its borders. The objective of TRACES is to streamline the certification process of official documents that are required for imports, exports, and intra EU movements of animal products, food products, and plant products.


The TRACES platform is instrumental in being able to trace where these products have been and contributes to the reduction of diseases and outbreaks.


The CHED-P is the Common Health Entry Document for products of animal origin, germinal products, and animal by-products.


The purposes for CHED-P include to pre-notify the right authorities of the border control post of the arrival of the consignment, then for those authorities to record the outcome of official controls performed and any decisions taken, and finally for the authorities to include information on follow-up measures taken on the consignment.


The CVED is the Common Veterinary Entry Document and is the authorization to import products or animals which originated from countries outside of the European Union. This is issued by veterinary authorities in TRACES after a control.


The CVED has two parts, the first of which has to be completed by the importer 24 hours before the arrival of the goods. This is when the importer will pre-notify authorities in the EU of the transit of live animals or animal products.


The second part of the CVED is completed by the Administration of Veterinary Services and certifies that they have conducted their controls at the border and have authorised the entry of the products into the EU.

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Frequently Asked Questions About TRACES – CHED-P/CVED

  • Can I import or export an animal without getting a CVED document?

    No, if you are exporting or importing an animal, then you will need to complete the CVED form. As well, you will need to meet certain criteria. For help with this, please contact us today.

  • How much do your TRACES services cost?

    The cost of our services is all based on what you are importing or exporting, what documents will need to be done, and the size of your products. For a quote, you can contact us today by phone or email.