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T2L Customs Document

The T2L form is a document which is presented to customs authorities during the import process and is proof that the product being imported have Community status. This document is issued in each branch of the customs office where the loading and export of the goods took place.


Essentially, the T2L is a document that proves the products related to the document aren’t subject to customs supervision while they are in free circulation in the EU.


It is good to know that the T2L document is valid for up to 90 days from the date it is issued, and is prepared for goods which exceed the value of 15,000 euro.

Community Status

Community status, which sometimes is known as community goods, are terms that are applied to goods that have originated in the UK or a European Union member state, as well as goods imported into the UK or an EU member state.


When a shipment has community status, this means customs duty has already been paid on the goods.

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Frequently Asked Questions About T2L

  • How long should I keep the T2L document for?

    If you are the authorised sender of the goods, then it is best practice to keep the T2L document for 2 years.

  • Can I put several different types of goods on my T2L customs document?

    Yes, you are able to put different types of goods on your T2L form, and it is sufficient enough to give the gross total weight of all these goods.

  • Is there a replacement for the T2L?

    A document that certifies the community status of goods can also be the invoice, the transport document, the shipping company’s manifest, and more. Contact us today to learn what other forms you can use to certify the community status of your goods.